What if we quit sugar completely for 2 weeks?

What if we quit sugar completely for two weeks? 

"Control sugar before it control you"

Sugar is the most unhealthy and addictive food as it is 8 Times more addictive then 'cocaine' the drug that is banned in most countries. 
While quitting sugar is not about quitting sugar (white substance) but its also the package and junk food. 

How do we get addicted to sugar? 

We all know the word 'dopamine' that mainly known for addiction that sugar releases.
Dopamine is just like you having the best time for just few minutes sometimes we face it in real life on happier things. 

Well, eating too much food even if you're not hungry is also an addiction and cause a lot of weight gain. 

3 tricks to break addiction of sugar in just a week!  

Well, this is the formula or trick that I'm telling you is followed by me and it became very easy to Quit sugar even now I don't eat junkfood too much as I trick my mind in a way that helped me to do so, so here are 5 steps to Quit sugar addiction.....

● firstly set a target to not eat anything from outside or junkfood and remember to eat home cooked food only as this might look difficult but believe me once you challenge yourself you'll never look back since then just like me. 
Just give yourself 21 day challenge and believe me you'll enjoy it. 

● If you couldn't figure out anything then just give yourself time to think while you sleep and train your brain that you can quit sugar for 21 days and make affirmations because it all starts from our brain. 

● There are many healthy alternatives of sugar who you'll get easily in the market and they're best for weight loss:-
6. Coconut sugar 
5. Dates sugar 
4. Mishri
3. Honey 
2. Stevia (methi Tulsi) 
1. Jeggery 

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How sugar manufacturers? 

● Sugarcane reaches the factory through crane 

● Sugarcane Crushes into small peaces through crusher.

● Then the juice came out through the roler then they pump it alot. 

● The steam of the water moves throughout the factory through Stainless steel pipes and the extra waste pump out. 

● juice boils to 110° then it settles down so that the mud and heavy particles and the clear juice floats above. 

● After this the juice goes into 5 tanks for boiling and for the thickness too. 

● Now the crystallization process begins where sugar takes crystal form. 

● Machine rotates the sugar till it gets Sugar size. 

● After sugar gets it's shape, it divide into different sizes and filters. 

● Finally sugar is ready after many steps. 

● Also sugar don't have any nutritional values! 

What if we consume too much sugar?

You'll face these things:- 
● Weight gain
● Pimples
● Dark circles 
● diabities 

Can we eat 'sugar free' package foods? 

We often thinks that these package foods have no or less sugar but they have that artificial sweetness. 
Well, these sweetness are not at all healthy instead you'll face side-effects after consuming them. 

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