How are you damaging your body by smoking?

How are you damaging your body by smoking? 

1 puff that you inhale Contains 7000 chemical. 

Not only this but according to one of the survey one out of every 5 death happening just because of smoking! 
The smokers feel chronic bronchitis in this condition an individual face frequent cough but still mucus cannot remove from the lungs. 

You may also suffer from lung cancer even ciggerate smoking cause 90% of lung cancer. 

Tobacco has Carbon monoxide that is harmful so this increases the carbon monoxide in human body.
The harmful elements present in smoke mix with the blood that circulate all around the body and damages our organs.

Why a person actually starts smoking?

There are 5 reasons why a person starts smoking:- 

To look cool - in today's generation the teenagers starts smoking just to look cool and many do comparisons even. 
If you don't have smart choices, you can't look cool! 

● An individual who have nothing to do - imagine if you have no work to do except hanging out with your friends and have no responsibility then sometimes people starts smoking. 
Remember that responsibility makes you mature. 

Mob mentality - Basically this thing happens in our society, if someone if following something then without knowingly we follow it blindly. 
Why can't we do different and good things in our life like playing outdoor games everyday and traveling around the world.... that's unique! 

Bad company of friends - friends who gives you bad company are not actually your friends, they are just spoiling your life like their's. 
Why can't you chose friends who motivates you to do good things in your life. 
Just switch to positive friend instead of negatives right now! 

brekup in relationship - people just started smoking badly by having any problem in life or breakup.
Instead of smoking just try meditation, it is very easy in comparison to smoking! 

Why we became addicted to smoke?

Nicotine reaches in our brain in just 10 seconds and releases the dopamine that makes you feel relaxed but this increases the tolerance and demands more nicotine for more relaxation after this you wouldn't solve how you reached from 1st ciggerate to 10th and that's exactly called addiction.  

How smoking can damage our lungs? 

Ciggerate affect our lungs the most in comparison from other body parts.
An individual have a 20% risk of getting lung cancer if they smoke. 

Smoking causes inflammation in the lungs which constricts the airways and makes it more difficult to breathe. 
It destroys the alveoli (tiny sacs in the lung that help distribute oxygen to blood cells so they it could be transported to other parts of the body.
And if you stop smoking then you'll see Major difference in just few days.


Can we detox our lungs even after smoking? 

Yes there are many ways to detox our body after smoking and two most effective of them are here 👇

Bitter gourd drink 
●Add 1 liter water 
●Add 2 sliced lemon
●Add mint leaves
●Add grated ginger
●Add chopped bitter guard without seed. 
●Now put this water in refrigerator for 4-6 hours 
●Take this toxic drink twice a day and one time in a month 

Ginger drink 
●Add 1 glass water 
●Add chopped Onion
● Add Turmeric
● Add Chopped Ginger 
● Boil for 5-10 minutes 
● Add Honey
● Take this drink twice in a day for three days 

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How does ciggerate manufacture step by step? 

Disclaimer: I don't recommend you to try ciggerate 

● Firstly tobacco is grown and harvested

● After tobacco gets dry, move it to stemmer.

● Then stems and veins gets seperated from lamina 

● Lamina sent to a warehouse to store for almost two years 

● In these two years it looses its flavor naturally 

● One ciggerate Contains 5 different components:- 
   Reconstituted leaf
   Blended leaf
   Improved stem 
   Expended stem
   Expended tobacco 

● it is important part to remove Water soluble Fibre

● After processing and refining the fibre converted into sheets 

● After boiling water soluble Fibre, Pure tobacco compound left. 

● Flavouring preservatives Pure compounds added into it for moisture.

● This material applied to Reconstituted sheet later these sheets cut into different peaces.

● Later add these three components Improved stem, expanded stem and expanded tobacco into a ciggerate.  

● These three components are cheap to be used in ciggerate 

● After adding some flavours in it they mix liquid carbon dioxide 

● After making all the components ready, an computer based system add a perticular amount of components in ciggerate 

● The final flavouring will add with Denature ethyl alcohol (you can't drink this) but it is important to add.

● Later all this mixture send to storage then to ciggerate making machine.

● Ciggerate making machine role papers and cut it into equal role peaces. 

● These ciggerate get into packets and got seal into cartoon with the help of machines.

● Lastly it reaches the to you by your local shop. 

● This is the shortest way that I explained to you but in actual it is the longest process of steaming and storing.

Can we recover in Just 1 week if we stop smoking? 

Just after 20 minutes of quitting smoking can makes your heart rate normal as This happens because nicotine and ciggerate released epinephrine and non-epinephrine 
That increases your heart rate.

After 2 hours tense feeling, anxiety and difficulty in sleep this happens because nicotine also releases more dopamine.

After 8 hours it increases the chances of developing blood clots! 

After 24 hours you may feel coughing so that you release toxins from your body Also the artery diseases decreases. 

After 48 hours nicotine and it's metabolites are removed from your body and the actual taste of your toung came back.

After 72 hours you feel some sickness like anxiety, depression, cramps and headache and this was the last phase to suffer problems like this. 

After 1 months the risk of cancer and many diseases became lesser. 

After some months of quitting smoking you'll feel free and your addiction will gone away.

Don't let the ciggerate control over you, instead do vice-versa;)

Why should I Stop smoking ciggerates? At the end we all need to die! 

I agree to your statement that at the end we all need to die, but there are far stronger reasons to quit smoking and here they are 👇
expensive - One ciggerate cost ₹15 in India and usually a person usually smoke 5-10 ciggerates a day and that cost them around ₹150 and if we saw it monthly then it would be ₹4500 and yearly it would be ₹54000 now just imagine you're spending this much amount just to killing yourself! 

Many people thinks that they want best life not long! But let me tell you that you can have the best life the way many people live just like the peaceful life.  
we can have the best life by hitting zym and exercises or playing outdoor games such as cricket, football, basketball and badminton or travelling doing spritual things, exploring more and more places and talents, trying different things. 

There are much more things to try in this one life so why should we waste our life in these bad habits that are not even unique now because everybody is doing it. 

How to Quit Smoking in just 3 simple steps? 

Here are 3 simple steps to Quit Smoking! 

● Firstly don't continue smoking if you're starting smoking right now because after some years it'll be very much difficult to Quit smoking!

● The most important point is the mindset, just think of the achievements you've made in your past and apply the same energy and mindset to quit smoking by taking 100 days chalange. 

● Gradually decrease the quantity of ciggerate day by day and If you take 8 ciggerate a day then decrease it to 5 and so on.

Can I have one ciggerate a day? 

No, you may suffer brain stroke and heart stroke and then slowly it'll reach to a high level.
So nothing is far better than anything:) 

Can chain smoking decreases our life by 18 years? 

So firstly understood what chain smoking is? 
Basically when your smoke a ciggerate continuously one after other that's called chain smoking. 
And yes it can decreases your life by 18 years if you'll do excess.

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