How Alcohol damaging your body?

How Alcohol damaging your body?

Every year almost 3 million people kills because of alcohol and people spend $500 to $1200 just to kill themselves by drinking alcohol.

Alcohol usually damage all our body parts but if we take it in a limit it can be beneficial to us Because once upon a time whisky use to prescribed by doctor as medicine. 

With that alcohol cures many things as it works as a medicine only if it should be consume in a certain amount and limit. 

How alcohol make us drunk scientifically? 

Alcohol has a substance called ethanol that got passes from our stomach but 20% of alcohol got mix with blood and it passes through our blood stream to liver and then our lives starts destroying our properties of blood and send it to our brain and then dopamine releases and this dopamine is responsible for our addiction, drunk and nasha. 

How badly alcohol effects our body parts? 

20% of the alcohol gets absorbed in stomach so gastric juices produces and this juice is the reason of our damaging stomach lining and this results into stomach ulcer.  
The rest 80% alcohol absorbs into blood stream where in small intestine alcohol cause bloating. 

Alcohol expends blood vessels that can even cause heart attack.

Alcohol causes bleeding and blood clotting in brain and cause brain Strom.

Alcohol secrets dopamine that cause that badly our brain functions like balance of body and memory.  

In liver alcohol cause hypoxia hepatitis because of lack of oxygen and it can be risky for life. 
Alcohol can also cause fatty liver diseases and cause bleeding and swelling. 

Not only these body parts but alcohol effects almost each and every body parts. 

Are there any benefits of alcohol too? 

Yes but the benefits itself has lots of side effects! 

● Many people thinks that drinking alcohol can increase your life by 18 years but eventually it decreases your life by 10 years! 

● Because of Drunkenness through alcohol the need of sex got increases but the performance of sex got decreases. 

● It is said that after drinking alcohol dementia means memory loss that got decreases but actually people did't even know that what happened to them at drunk night. 

● People said that red wine has more antioxidants that made it to relief cold and cough also it decreases ageing process but only if you drink 2 shorts also it has side effects too.

● The stones of gall bladder decreases but liver gets big in size not only this but hepatitis, and liver got shrunken and in many cases the people suffer liver cancer. 

Whisky manufacturing in 6 steps! 

India has became the 7th largest Scotch whisky market with the value of 166 million pounds. 
Now Today India is one of the biggest whisky market. 
But unfortunately nobody knows the founder of whisky! 
Where some of the people give credits to monks as they send whisky to Scotland and then the whisky reached India in 1820s and it was amazed that indians consumed much whisky than any other country. 

Here are 6 steps in whisky making process:

● Malting process:
firstly soak barley, wheat, rye and corn for 12 hours.

Drying process of grains happen for 5-8 days after soaking so that enzymes got produce in them.

● Kilning process:
to drying grains more well they got shifted to kilning room.

where for Smokey flavour the grains got leave with wood coal and different peat with certain temperature. 

● Milling process:
after passing from the previous stage these grains got grinded.

The ratio of these ingredients is 75% grid, 20% husk, 10% flour although consistency is the king. 

Water added into this consistency again and again with different temperature just to maintain the enzymes. 

● Fermentation process:
the actual process starts from here where the water that came out got chilled for 20°.

After chilling, add yeast into water to ferment.
Conversion From Sugar to yeast into alcohol. 

● Distillation process:
This is the most important stage where in this step the Fermented whisky mixture boiled in copper pots with low heat so that the ethanol got away through aboporation and then it converted into water and came back with the help of coloum. 

Finally whisky is ready, now they adjust the consistency of alcohol and taste with water and take it to Alcohol by volume. 

Then these whisky got filled in barrels that made with oak wood. 

● Maturation process: 
This is the final step and it can be 3 year long only according to Scotland law but in our india there's no other law for whisky maturation that's why many brands just fills the whisky directly in the bottles without storing them. 

Whisky can't get impaired even after 100 years.
Whisky became more stronger and valuable with the increase in time. 

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Days of recovery after quitting alcohol! 

After 6 hours of quitting alcohol your body's nutrients, sugar, water back to normal and the little effect of Drunkenness Will be there. 

After 24 hours your immune system became back to normal. 

After 3 days your stress and anxiety Will be cure and your blood pressure became to normal. 
That's why doctor suggest to Quit drinking on your high blood pressure. 

Your body weight came back to it's actual weight and your skin becomes more hydrated 

After 7 days your body hormones get back to normal and your body retains more water and that's good for your body. 

After 3 weeks your body parts will improve more as you'll feel more benefits. 
Toxins will be filtered from your kidney and liver. 

After a month, your liver became back to normal, repair and starts to break toxins from your body and You'll be healthier day by day. 

After 3 months your liver will be working at full power. 
congratulations and proud of you if you've reached this stage of quitting alcohol as now you are able to control your brain. 

Why people drink alcohol? 

● Show-off
● Bad company of friends 
● Mob mentality
● Break-up 

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