Healthy and crazy routine of Elon musk that made him successful

Why Elon musk is widely known for productivity? 

Elon musk "naam to suna hoga" everybody knows him because on one side 2022 was not not a good year for the entire world there was one person who earn morethan $150 billion dollars in that one year.

I am talking about Elon Musk to became the world's richest man on 7th January 2021.
At the beginning of 2022 his net worth was 27 million which made him the world 35th richest person.
But in one year his net worth increased to more than $190 billion.

Why I choose Elon musk is because of his time management that how he manages his businesses and 5 successful companies with that he also give time to his family. 

Many people believes that Elon musk is a super man as in comparison with average American, Elon musk does 2× work more then them. 

Healthy and crazy routine of Elon Musk! 

Elon Musk gives 100 hours in a week for his work now let's see his routine that where would he spent his 100 hours. 

Raat 11:30 bje 
Before starting his routine from morning he already planned his next day at 11:30 pm.

Subha 12:00 bje 
then at 12:00 am he started reading books so that he learnt some lessons from others mistakes. 
Subha 1:00 bje 
Then Elon Musk strictly go for sleep at sharp 1:00 am where Elon Musk takes 6 hours of sleep or if he face any difficulty in sleep then he became frustrated. 

Subha 7:00 bje 
Elon Musk wakes up at 7am where he give reply to important mails and messages for 30 minutes. 

Subha 7:30 bje 
Elon musk go for shower at 7:30, he don't skip taking hot water showers Because it makes him fresh and energetic. 

He takes coffee in his breakfast or sometimes an omlette. 

Do Elon Musk has his school too? 

After breakfast Elon Musk takes his all 5 childrens for school and the owner of school is itself Elon Musk Where in year 2014 Elon Musk observed that the schools are not teaching things in practical and adequate way then he itself made a school called AD astra school. 
Now Elon Musk children and his employee's childrens study there where teachers teaches 4 principal subjects called ethics, science, maths, engineering. 

Students don't take books to the school instead of that students do all of their work in laptops and they also do practical works. 

Lunch in 5 minutes 
After dropping his children Elon Musk goes to office and he do everything in 5 minutes slot and he also complete his lunch in 5 minutes while attending meetings. 

Then Elon musk go to companies for work where he has a fix schedule of his work such as on Monday and Friday he is in spacex, and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday he is in Tesla as he gives his 80% to these companies. 
Elon musk not only works like a boss but actually he works like an employee Where he gives his 80% to his projects and designs. 

Elon Musk productivity hack for his company meetings! 

Elon Musk observed that the half of the time gets waste in meetings so he made 3 rules that are:- 

no large meetings - more people so more opinions so to stop this only few peoples would allow to attend the meeting. 

no value so get lost - if you're not adding any value so make sure to get out from the meeting not only this Elon Musk even himself get out from the meetings or he cut the call if somebody taking out of the topic. 
He said that it's not rudeness, instead this saves both parties from Time waste.  

no frequent meetings - if any plan doesn't working then don't waste time in that instead just make another plan. 

Do Elon Musk spend time with family members? 

Yes, he scheduled his time for family members too in half day of Saturday and Sunday where in Saturday he watch movie with his girlfriend after office and sometimes teach his childrens.
Every Sunday he takes break where he spent his time by playing video games with his childrens or spend time with friends or in any parties. 

How elon does multitasking to save his time? 

Elon Musk Don't use to waste so much time in eating as he don't take much interest in junkfood and different varieties of food because he don't like to waste his time in eating.  

Not only this, Elon musk suggested to make a pill so that we eat that pill and our stomach get full so that we couldn't waste much time in eating.
So from where Elon Musk gets energy? 
Elon musk use to drink lot of coffee and coke and you must be thinking that they're unhealthy Drinks but he meant that these are the best options to full fill our tummy in less time. 

●Elon Musk gives reply of mails by sitting in bathroom and attend his conference calls during workout. 

●Elon Musk use to do physical exercise twice in a week so that he maintains his weight with his simple diet also. 

●At dinner Elon Musk use to take a healthy and good calorie meal.

●Elon Musk don't take break after 8 hours while many people do but he has 5 companies to manage and he spent 18 hours for other 3 of his companies. 

Elon Musk take alcohol? 

Elon Musk told in one of his interview that he try to avoid drinking and eating booze and he told that small amount don't give negative effect.

Secret of Elon Musk of taking 6 hours of sleep? 

Elon musk has this routine from so long also he eat less and healthy food so he gets good amount of sleep in less time. 

Read this article if you wants to sleep in just 30 second 👇👇👇

How do Elon Musk follow this type of crazy routine? 

This whole routine must be looking quite sacrificing but believe me it's not as once you started following this routine you'll never look back because everything will working smoothly once you follow These habit. 
Although we all need to have this much of control on our brain otherwise you'll lose control of your life! 

Do remember that consistency is the key! 

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