Andrew Huberman's healthy and unique routine for fast success!

What makes Andrew huberman's routine more healthy and productive? 

Andrew huberman is a professor of neuroscience 
The unique thing about him is that he put science before his openion and that's the thing people follow his learnings and routine. 

I've researched about huberman's routine where I watched many clips of him so I thought to make a routine of it. 
Each and every activity of huberman has a scientific logic behind it. 

Here I'm showing you the whole routine of Andrew huberman with the timings. 

Andrew Huberman wakes up at 5:30 AM after taking 6 hours of sleep! 

Wake-up Time of Andrew huberman is 5:30 AM after having 6 hours of sleep as after waking up 2 hours before your bed time helps you to do hard mental work. 
Andrew's wake-up time is not constant. 

Drinking salt water instead of coffee in the morning and it's must be sounding weird but this helps our neurones to wake up and function properly in lazy morning.
Where coffee makes us sleepy at evenings and we ended up drinking more of it.

So when can I drink coffee? 
The best time to drink coffee is 90 or 120 minutes before waking up. 

After drinking salt water Andrew huberman do meditation and listen to an audio book. 

Andrew huberman go for walk after meditation 

Then huberman do Forward ambulation where he go for a walk where moving our body regulates optical flow that helps our nervous system to activates many parts of our brain also the sunlight of morning that we see signals our brain that it's day time so that we became more alert. 
Huberman suggested to Take two inhale and a long exhale for better endurance.

After coming from the walk Andrew huberman goes to Gym. 

After coming from Gym Andrew huberman takes Cold showers

Cold showers makes you feel more energetic and alert, improve your health and it can even cure your depression.
Cold showers has a lot of benefits.

But what the temperature of water should we take for bath? 
The best temperature would be less than 21° Fahrenheit.

After taking cold shower Andrew's smart technique of doing work is started

At 10:00 am linear phase started where in this phase you need to work for 90 minutes and rest for 20 minutes and continue but don't do vice-versa of it lol. 
Well by following this 90-20 rule you'll be able to do ultra Deep work without being exhausted. 
Then Andrew huberman started his most challenging and intense work where Remember to put your phone on airplane more and listen to some white noise to increase focus. 

Then huberman drink yerba mate well, this is a kind of tea famous in South American it helps you to boost immunity.

Here are also some herbal drinks for fat loss

After this Andrew learn something from an audiobook for 30-40 minutes without doing any multitasking just looking out from the window so that we could concentrate in listening. 

Andrew huberman start eating at 2:00 pm because of intermittent fasting 

Andrew huberman also do follow intermittent fasting 👇

Intermittent fasting not only help us in fat loss but it has 1000+ benefits.
Andrew huberman focus more on his work by intermittent fasting. 
Well, Andrew huberman maintain his weight with the help of intermittent fasting since 10 years.

Andrew starts eating at 2:00 PM till then he do his work. 
In lunch Andrew huberman eat balance diet of chicken, protein shake, chicken breasts, salad and brown rice. 
Andrew keeps his intake very light in the afternoon. For example a protein shake or some nuts. 

Andrew eat starchy food, a source of protein and sometimes a big bowl of pasta with it in his dinner. 
Andrew takes light dinner, While taking light dinner in the evening has 1000+ advantages one of them is good quality of sleep. 

Why Andrew huberman takes Nsdr instead of nap?

Andrew takes a nap of 30-40 minutes after eating but he doesn't actually takes nap instead he takes nsdr which stands for non- sleep depressed where this is a just giving rest to your body by listening to a guided meditation in which he focuses their voice and follow each and every step. 
Believe me once you take nsdr you'll never look back. 

At 3 pm it's the time to do non- lenier deep work with white noise where one work for 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM then take 30 minutes of rest then 5:00 to 6:30 pm and so on. 

Andrew huberman go for evening walk around 7 or 8 pm 

Well, anyone could get frustrated sitting in home for whole day so Andrew go outside to refill his energy Also social connection do increase dopamine so it would be great if you meet your friends too. 
Waking in the evening also keep us connect with nature and it's good for our health. 

Do Andrew huberman sleep for just 6 hours? 

Andrew huberman don't pay much attention to his sleep as he just sleep for 6 hours where he go to sleep at 11:00 PM. 
Andrew takes hot shower before going to his bed to get good sleep and take deep inhale and exhale while on bed. 

So this was the whole routine of Andrew huberman may you follow this routine for being more productive in your life. 

Many people following Andrew huberman's routine and it made them more energetic and alert throughout the day and their focus also got increased so much. 

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