Will I get Cancer if I apply sanitary pad during periods?

Dark reality of pads applying during periods! 

Whenever we apply pads there's always a question Arises in our mind that "can sanitary pads kill us?" 
According to studies these deadly pads can kill us. 

In November 2022 one of the NGO studied 10 popular sanitary pads and you can't believe that all these pads have found VOCS (volatile organic compounds) and toxic chemicals present in them.

You must be thinking that it is common for chemical to be presented in pads but eating these chemical don't harm as much as applying them on your vagina. 

In 1999 there was a experiment happened where half of the female have to drink estrogen orally and half of the women have to take that through their vagina.
The result that came out was the once who took it through their vagina was 10 time higher then the one who consumed it orally. 

Basically the skin of vagina is so sensitive in comparison to other body parts. 

The sanitary pads don't even write the list of ingredients of which they made. 

According to the reports of national family health survey India has 336 million masturating women in India, only 36% women and girls use sinetry napkins, locally or commercially produced. 

What did women use during ancient times for period? 

During ancient times Women use Soil, Ash, Moss to absorb bleeding but because of this they got die due to vaginal infection! 

By observing the problems of women people started inventing more products to absorb blood of periods. 

During 1850s women use Sanitary aprons or strips of rubber wore between legs but it doesn't work as they give rashes and infection to vaginal part or thighs and stains to clothes.  

During 1800s the hoosier sanitary belt was invented, in this belt you can replace pads in it, they also improved little bit but still uncomfortable.
These pads were remained in common use until the 1970s. 

During 1800s the womens were becoming more educated and standing for the right but man oppose to support them. 

During 1920s the fashion changed from heavy skirts to a skinny skirts then the first menstrual cup named tacit was invented by an actress leona chalmers. 

In Egypt women use to make tampons of lint and lamb's wool that wrapped around lightweight absorbent. 
Even Egyptians also used menstrual blood as a beauty product, they believed it could lift sagging breasts and skin.

During the time tampons and menstrual cup failed to gained popularity. 

In 1969 staffery introduced a pad called the maxi pad The nurses during world war 1 realised that the material cellucotton soaking the blood very well then they got an idea of using this to soak periods blood. 

From then the pad was getting a Major hit in the market even women throw and replaced all those uncomfortable protection and enjoy freedom of dress and movement. 

Slowly they increased the layers in sinetry pad according to the comfort. 

After the mazor hit of pads the promoters of tampons and menstrual cup were standing for them by saying that there is nothing harm to use them. 👇👇👇

More content from periods 

Side effects of giving more comforts to pads in periods 

By giving more comforts to the customers the pad manufacturers use plastisiders phthalates or phthalic acid esters. 
These plastisiders are more dangerous then they sounds as this effects bad impact on human body by early puberty.

Side effects of phthalates or phthalic in pads! 
● early menstruation
● fast breast development
● problems in pregnancy
● heart diseases
● blood pressure

Side effects of giving more fragrance to pads in periods! 

For giving fregrance to pads manufacturers use volatile organic compounds.

Side effects of volatile organic compounds 
●Memory loss
●Loss of appetite 
●Menstrual cycle illness

Why does 3000 womens of South korea faced reproductive health issues? 

All Those women used pad of same company and that happened because of chemical present in it. 

Why people don't talk about periods? Menstruation celebration?

People are narrow minded in India that's the reason they don't talk about periods because of this they think that periods are impure blood 

What can I use instead of deadly pads during periods?

The answer is so simple just started using Menstrual cup right now as it has 100 of advantages not only on women's body but it is also eco friendly. 👇👇👇

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