Will I fall asleep in just 30 second after following these hacks?

Will I fall asleep in just 30 second after following these hacks? 

In today's time we all wanted to wake up early but sadly we forgot to sleep at time or we indulge in such activities that take us one step back to achieve our success and you all know that waking up in the morning saves a lot of time that you can use as a productivity. 

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Easy way to understand sleep cycle? 

We have 90 minutes of sleep cycle and it has four states.
The first 3 stages called non-rapid eye movement and the fourth stage is called REM sleep.
We move from lighter sleep to deeper sleep in every 90 minutes.

Stage 1: it is the light sleep stage in this you goes from awake to sleep just after relaxation of your brain.
You can wake-up easily during stage 1. 

Stage 2: this stage is intermediate sleep where your whole body and brain starts to slows down. 
Your body temperature decreases.
You may wakeup again in case of any disturbance just like stage 1 but in this you shouldn't feel too groggy. 

Stage 3: this stage is Deep sleep where your muscles and body recovers and your heart rate tends to became very slow. 
You can't wakeup easily at this stage. 

Stage 4: this is rapid eye movement sleep REM where in this your eyes tends to move rapidly, in this your heart rate increases, as your blood pressure also increases.
Your memories starts to Store and you feel calm. 

Now how can these sleep Cycles help you to stay active and help you to grow fast - if you wanted to wake up fresh without any feeling of groggy then you need to wake up with the slots of 90 minutes. 

How much amount of sleep is enough for us? 

Childrens between 14 - 17 age = 8 - 10 hours 
Peoples between 18 - 64 age = 7 - 9 hours 
Above the age of 64 = 7-8 hours

What should I eat in a dinner to fall asleep in just 30 second? 

Replace High fat protein meals to Complex carbs because high fat protein meals take lot of time to digest and this may charge up your hormone called orexin that doesn't want you to sleep fast. 

What type of dinner should I avoid to sleep fast? 
Well eating spicy food does opposite effect to your sleep as you need to have relax temperature at night so avoid spicy food at night. 

Here are some light dinner recipes for fast sleep and weight loss 👇👇👇

What are some high melatonin food to get sleep fast? 

These food makes you sleep fast if you eat them before bed time 
● Kiwi
● Cherries
● Milk 
● Seeds 
● Fatty fish 

Does taking caffeine keep Awakes you at night? 

● Yes it does but not only caffeine, but also tea, sodas and energy drinks.
Not only these drinks will keep you awake but they may disturb your sleep too and if you can't get deep sleep you'll not wake up fully charged. 
Even taking nightcap in the evening makes you more awakening throughout the night. 

● If you take coffee at 12 noon even then a quarter of caffeine is still circulating around your brain at midnight, basically it's duration of action is much longer 

● Not only coffee effects your sleep but in some cases it helps your digestion but in some people it can cause constipation and diarrhea to other. 

● While black coffee is absolutely calorie free and boots your metabolism and this increases the level of adrenaline and decreases the level of ghrelin, and this hormone makes you feel hungry. 

● As I always says don't do anything in excess, exactly same with coffee if you drink it too often then not only you'll feel awake at night but you'll face health problems too such as panic attacks and baseline anxiety.

Why to avoid alcohol if we need to sleep fast at night? 

As we all know the hormone melatonin that helps regulate sleep but after drinking alcohol it cuts down melatonin production because alcohol makes our body temperature High and low and this may make you awake at night for bathroom. 

In case you have a plan to drink alcohol then make sure to drink only one glass for women and two for man.
Also remember to atleast drink it 2-3 hours before sleep. 

Will I sleep just in 30 second if I Avoid blue lights? 

Blue lights increases the level of melatonin the hormone that makes you sleepy to help us fall asleep at night but after taking lot of blue lights just before going to sleep then it'll effect your sleep. 

While digital eye strain lead you to eye fatigue which happens due to focus and that focus don't want you to blink more which causes dryness and irritation.
Don't just grab into your laptop and mobile phone for hours and hours. 
The solution is to give rest to your eyes in every 20 minutes. 

put your phone aside atleast 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Switch on red dim light that makes you sleep fast. 
switch off all the lights if possible while you're going to sleep. 

Make sure to switch off all the noise around you or Just maintain equal noice just like fan and coolers have.  

If you're addicted to Netflix then make sure to watch it on the next day in the morning instead of night.  

Wear socks at night for cosy vibes and better sleep at night but remember to get them off if your feet feel sweaty. 

Maintain regularity: sleep at same time everyday

Choose right Mattress to fall asleep fast at night

Everyone has different body so it works differently also in comfort too so just go to your nearby Matrix shop and try the Matrix and purchase the better one for yourself. 

Here are some more Matrix, you can buy them online. Watch in this blog 👇👇👇

can i fall asleep listening to music? 

Yes you can, for me it's quite uncomfortable but for my roommate she use to sleep everyday by listening music.
Don't forget to stop the music! 

what should i drink to sleep fast?

Well there are so many herbal juices that you can take before bed but milk is the best option for you.
Don't consume drinks that have caffeine in them. 

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