Can we detox our body naturally at home?

Can we detox our body naturally at home?

Toxins are in the air so in our body too.
But don't worry there are some ways to detox our body at home naturally.
In many cases you just need to improve your habits and that can result into detoxifying your body. 

The weather is changing like if you open your window, smoke will come instead of breeze. 
Not only air is smoky but Water is poisonous too as it reaches our home by many forces and almost through 50 bends. 
where water and air are mandatory for Our body so our body needs them to live. 
Its not only about air and water but also the junk food, package food that are killing us without knowing us. 

All These things create a layer of food that got rotten in our body and creates big diseases. 

Just imagine this pipe your stomach and let your focus to clean this pipe from then to now. 

The food that we don't get directly from the mother nature that difficult to digest as it got stick to the wall of our intestine and creates a thick layer.
Villi is small fingures like structure that soaks some foods and send them to blood then it reaches to every part of body through blood and if your villi soak waste if they contain waste and then you suffer from diseases.

If this sticks in our kidney or gallbladder as a stone then it's called stone.

If this waste sticks to the layer of your face skin then it's called acne, eczema, psoriasis.

If this sicks in the ovaries, we call it a cyst and here. 
If this sticks in our intestine, we call it Constipation.
Where constipation is the main core of each and every diseases. 

These diseases can be a tumer or cancer if we can't cure them at the right time. 

Let's start first to remove toxins from body and then eat healthy for that follow 👇👇👇

Can intermittent fasting help us to detox our body ? 

You can't believe but fasting is the cure of all the disease out there and following it is too simple even I did it too as half of the time we use to sleep.
This 16 hours of Fasting called intermittent fasting helped me to lose 10 kgs weight 👇

What I use to do for intermittent fasting is too start my first meal at 1:00 PM and end my last meal at 7:00. 

But what actually intermittent fasting do?
Intermittent fasting works to heal our body where if healing can join our broken bones without medicine then why can't this can cure our body from toxins.

Q. How does healing power works? 
A. Healing power can do 1 thing at one time either digestion or healing and we are the one who don't give time to heal our body and we keep disturbing it just by eating again and again our body Stops the work of healing and start digesting.

Read this article for all the info about intermittent fasting 👇👇👇

Why people are afraid to take enema? || Detox your body naturally 

Enema is the most effective way to detox our body as water can Clean anything so why can't our body? 
And believe me its the easiest way to detox our body. 

Follow these steps 👇

● First order the enema online
● Wash it 2-3 times 
● do this process in bathroom 
●Apply some oil to the tip of the pipe 
●Now put the water container on the shelf
●The container should be kept above to you
●Stuck the pipe 2 inches inside your rectum 
●Let the water empty inside your intestine. 
●Take out the pipe and walk slowly
●Rub your hand slightly on your stomach
●Then go to Washroom and then you can see all the toxins that were in your body.

And don't worry this process is safe even many people use to do it. 

Best time to Take enema is with empty stomach in the morning. 

There should become the gap of 2-3 hours between your meal and enema.

Just take enema daily for three weeks but after that don't take it regularly. 

Can cloth help us to detox our body?

Yes cloth can detox our body and this is the easiest way for detox, follow the steps 👇

●Take a wet cloth of 1 meter wide then fold it and cover it over your stomach.

●Take two more clothes and cover them Over your neck and head.  
You can move and keep the cloth for 35 - 40 minutes.
●You can apply this cloth before or after your meal but remember to not eat anything while you apply this. 

●Just follow this and wait for your toxins to move out from your body. 

Diet plan to remove toxins from your body 

● Morning Drink - coconut water/ ash gourd juice or any vegetable juice. 

● Breakfast - big bowl of seasonal fruits. 

● Lunch - Brown rice, sabji chapati.

● Evening snacks - grated coconut or any juice.

● Dinner - salad or soup 

Just remember to eat vegetables more than grains.

Triphala powder to detox your body naturally at home 

Triphala is the most effective medicine for people who have digestive issues. 

●Amla (vitamin c, minerals, amino acids, anti cancer properties)

●Bibhitaki (anti viral, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory properties)

●Haritaki (king of medicine, relieves constipation, helps with bloating) 

Remove toxins from your body naturally at home by 'oil pulling' 

Take Any Oil
● coconut oil 
● mustard oil 
● olive oil 
Now take Tsp of this oil into your mouth and rotate oil in and around your mouth for almost 10 minutes then throw it out.
Don't drink this oil as it contains toxins. 
Brush your teeth
Don't eat anything for 30, minutes.

Oil pulling even cures acne, arthritis, asthma, insomnia, pcod, migraine. 

FAQs || can we detox our body naturally at home? 

Q. How can we detox our body without doing anything? 

Don't smoke 
Exercise daily 
Take Good amount of sleep 
Don't consume alcohol  

Q. Why our mood feels heavy when we are constipated?

A. 95% serotonin made and that is Happy hormone but if our intestine would not be Clean then serotonin will give 

Q. What if we don't detox our body? 

You'll suffer from so many diseases and These disease can became tumer and cancer. 

Share it with your friends and family:) 

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