6 Japanese secret of their successful and longer life span

6 Japanese secret of their successful and longer life span 

We always observe the Japanese people being so healthy, weathly and have the long lifespan.
Although Japanese has some problems too, some of them are over working, suicide and natural disaster.

And today we'll get to know about the 7 Japanese secrets.

6). Secret of taking daily bath makes japanese people successful 

Bathing is not just to clear your body but it is the way of Organizing energies into an individual.

In Japan the there are more then 3000 hot spring areas and bathtub is at every house, with that public bathrooms are also everywhere.
Japanese people love taking baths as their reason of physical health comes from taking bath.
Washing your body without even a body shower gel or soaps can purifies the inner you by thinking Deep inside yourself as it increases focus and solve problems. 

Even I personally observed that taking daily bath gets away lazyness and improve focus towards our goal. 

Taking bath everyday is Excellent but taking bath in a wrong way can reflect some problems in your body so don't do these 3 mistakes while taking bath 👇

Top 3 mistakes while taking bath 

● Taking bath after having meal - this makes your digestion poor as according to Ayurveda our stomach energy gets strong while we eat food but if you take bath after having your meal then it reduces the heat of your stomach that (heat) use to digest our food and this results into a poor digestion.

Not only Avoid bathing after meal but after workout too because during or after workout our heart rate fluctuates and this takes 20 minutes to settle down after that you can take bath. 

So basically you need to have 2 hours of gap between your meal and bath and 20 minutes of gap between your workout and meal. 

● Bathing in hot water - Use luke warm water for bath because hot water increases dryness and risk of infection.

● Taking too long bath in water - this increases dryness of your whole body.
With this don't wash your hairs everyday, many people do this because of pollution but washing your hair with shampoo everyday decreases the moisture of your scalp so wash your hair once or twice a week with good quality of shampoo and these are some well tested budget friendly and far better then the chemical brands shampoos 👇 

So take bath not just for cleaning but also for cleaning your negativity. 

5). Japanese secret of daily exercising makes their life span longer 

Have you ever heard the word "radio calisthenics"
Well this is common exercise japanese people do daily, this exercise is called radio taiso.
The radio taiso exercise is a combination of 13 exercises in 3 minutes and 13 seconds. 
Japanese says that this is the exercise that leads them to a longer life span.

Not only exercising increases life span but it makes you fit or if you wanted to lose weight then there is this article 👇 help you to lose 10 - 20 kg weight 

4). Japanese secret of worshipping sun early in the morning 

Did you know about 100 years ago Japanese people used to get up early and worship the sun. 
But with the change in technology and timming the new generations did't followed the same habit and they just worship god at new year but many do this today.
Even Indians also woke up early about 100 years ago and worship the sun, although only older generation use to do this today.

Where sun (Surya) occupies the higher position then the many other gods because of his healing power and giving life to many. 

Worshiping Surya increases the energy inside you, increases the positive energy and help you to achieve wealth and health. 

3). japanese secret of Eating their meal of belence diet 

Why Japanese food is said to be healthy?
Because of its nutritional values and has the balanced diet that contains rice that is High in carbohydrates, fish or soy products as they are rich in protein and summered and pickled vegetables they are rich in vitamin and minerals and the last but the best drink that is matcha.
Matcha is so healthy because it contains an abundant amount of nutrients such as calcium and dietary fibres and many more. 
People of japanese drink matcha everyday in the morning. 
all these makes a Japanese food a balance food and gives result into better digestion and good health. 

2). Japanese secret of hiking mountains 

The people of Japan chalange themselves to climb a mountain. 
Climbing mountain makes them healthier even after the age of 80. 

So these were the some secret of japanese people that our ansisters use to follow too but our generation stop following it. 

Just try to follow these secret for your wealth and health. 

1). The habit of cleaning makes japanese people more successful 

Japanese people use to clean their house everyday and if they got time so they clean public areas too which connects them to cleanliness. 
Japanese people have the quality of cleaning since their childhood at school. 
Many Indian have the same habit of cleaning but with the change in technology and generation we Indians forgots about the basic importance of cleaning because I personally feel the same in my hostel days when I don't use to clean my room and I felt laziness all day and the dust of the Flore got inside to my mind so it was effecting my studies too.
But then I started cleaning my room just for 15 minutes and the changes were amazing as everything was going with the perfect routine.
So cleaning your environment cleans your brain too. 
That's why they say if you wanted to be successful then first start clean your bed then do the next. 

So these were some secret of japanese people may you follow them for your better future :)

FAQs || Japanese secret of their successful and longer life span 

Q. Why experts told us to wash our feet properly during bath? 

A. Washing your feet properly as this activates the nerve endings of your feet so it activates the whole body and gets you away from lazyness. 

Q. Can I take bath two times in a day? 

A. Yes You can but not more than 2 times because by taking bath the bad bacteria wash off but after taking bath more than enough, good bacteria wash off with bad once.
Excess bath can also make your skin dry, because body shower suck oil from our body and it results into infection.

Q. Can I use hot water for bath? 

A. No don't use hot water for bath, it increases the risk of infection and instead of this use luke warm water for bath.

Q. What is matcha drink in Japan? 

A. Matcha is a type of drink which people of Japan use to drink every morning with empty stomach, this is one of the secret drink of their successful lifestyle. 

Q. Can applying soap or shower jel makes our body dry? 

A. Yes, soap makes our body dry but applying soap in sweaty areas can stop sweating and dryness. 

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