can we sleep after brahma muhurta?

Can we sleep after brahma muhurta? Timing of Brahma muhurta 

Don't sleep after doing meditation in Brahma muhurta because you'll forgets 90% of the positivity you Gain while you meditates in Brahma muhurta. 

It is said that, If sleep wins after Meditation then ,Pramad, laziness prevails.

If you remain Awake Alertness wins.

So avoid sleeping after brahma muhurta but you can sleep in afternoon but again if you sleep earlier at night that could be a better option.

What is brahma muhurta? Tips to stay awake while meditate 

Brahma muhurta is a time period of creators (bharma's time) it happens 1 hours and 36 minutes before sunrise and it helps you to achieve success in your life. 

Even in many religion this time period use to follow worship of God.

Tips to stay awake while meditate in Brahma muhurta 

How not to fall asleep during and after doing meditation in Brahma muhurta. 

So these are some tips to get you away from sleep....

● Just chew your food 32 times

may this sounds weird because this is not relatable to sleep but it is, so just follow this as it will not cause you dullness; if you chew your food sufficiently.

● Drink water when thirsty 

The one thing is to remember is Just drink water when thirsty and if you forgets to drink water then set alarms and take water bottle with yourself that reminds you to drink water through this you'll stay alert and very energetic.

● Practice yog nidra and shavasana 

These two gets sleep out from your body through this Your requirement of relaxation ends after this you can do proper meditation. 

● Make your back straight while meditation

Straight back can make you awake as well as focused while meditation.

● Leave gadget 30 minutes before sleep 

Waking up in the morning depends on sleep of night so....
Don't use mobile phone or any other device that makes your mind active so that you can get better quality of sleep. 
Better quality of 6 hours of sleep can make yourself active throughout the day. 

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Do's and don'ts in Brahma muhurta || achieve success fast 


● Atleast do meditate for 20 minutes or more than that.

● Just make meditation your habit just like you do brush and eat food.

● If you don't have time to meditate in morning then just meditate at night daily for atleast 15 minutes.
as Doing meditation before sleep improves your quality of sleep.

● Spiritual growth happens through a lot of things.

● Brahma mahurat is primarily to do Pooja and religious activities or doing positive work related activities. 


● You can lose your focus during meditation but with the time you'll became expert in meditation.

● Don't sleep after brahma muhurta but you can sleep in afternoon.

● don't eat during brahma muhurta 

● Pregnant women should avoid waking up at brahma muhurta or ask your doctor.

● Avoid stressful activities during brahma muhurta 

What is the actual timing of Brahma muhurta?

The actual time of Brahma muhurta changes according to locations and whether.
In summer it is different so in winters. 

So basically brahma muhurta begins 1 hour and 36 minutes before sunrise and ends at 48 minutes before sunrise.

So let's assume if sun rises at 6 AM then the Brahma muhurta begins at 4:24 AM.

Or if sunrises at 7 AM then brahma muhurta begins at 5:24 AM.

Right way to do meditation|| 80% of people do it wrong 

Meditation means 'dhyan' where in meditation if anybody sits in normal position with their eyes closed it means that they must be meditating.
In meditation you can do japa, tapa, dharana, dhyana, samadhi, shoonya, samyama.

Here are some tips to meditate for 20 minutes.

● Find a comfortable place for meditation
Just remember to make your back straight while meditation.

● In traditional meditation just close your eyes and get in meditation pose.

● What actually You need to do in meditation to Just breathe and read any Mantra of your religion. 

● Meditation is all about Visualization where you need to visualise lights in your body.
Just imagine someone is pouring positive water in your body.

● For some people the power of definition is God or for some it is universe, light, positivity or happiness so just think about these.

For advance meditation you can join any campaigns or join organizations.

FAQs on brahma muhurta why and when to meditate

Q. Can I sleep after brahma muhurta?

A. Don't sleep after brahma muhurta.

Q. Why can't I sleep after brahma muhurta?

A. You'll loses all the positive energy that you Gained during brahma muhurta.

Q. Can I became topper of my class by meditating in Brahma muhurta?

A. Yes, not only topper but you can crack any competitive exam.

Q. Can I crack jee mains or neet by meditating in Brahma muhurta?

A. Yes, ofcourse you can crack any competitive exam by meditating in Brahma muhurta.

Q. Can pregnant women wake-up and meditate at brahma muhurta?

No, just ask your doctor about this.

Q. Can I Became successful by doing meditation in Brahma muhurta? 

Yes, definitely you will achieve success by Just thinking about your goals while meditation in Brahma muhurta.

Q. What should I do during brahma muhurta to achieve success?

A. ● think about your goals. 
     ● make plans how to achieve them.
     ● make schedule to achieve them. 

Q. How can I awake while meditate in Brahma muhurta?

● eat light dinner before sleep 
● make your back straight while meditate 
● chew your food 32 times It'll improve digestion so help you to sleep less.

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