Can I drink chai during my weight loss journey || chai diet plan

Can I drink chai during my weight loss journey? Chai weight loss diet

In India Desi Chai is love even I love chai too, but is it even healthy?

Yes chai is healthy if we make it in a right and smart way and consume in a right time. 

Desi Chai can help you in weight loss but only if you follow my diet plan.

I have also shared some herbal tea instead of desi chai for fastest weight loss

As I mentioned chai is healthy But why our parents refuse us to drink chai why chai being criticize in India 👇 read this

Why chai being criticize in weight loss journey

● Chai has antioxidants that is catechins but when these antioxidants got mix with the protein called caffeine then the absorption of these gets reduces in body.

● When we add sugar in tea it is harmful for weight loss and can cause diabities.

● Take chai two hours after breakfast or lunch or evening with healthy evening snacks and don't take chai in morning instead of that take a glass of water.

● Even chai included in rajasic diet the reason is that it make us addictive to it.

● Because of this many people face acidity, bloating, gas so make tea with add some herbs in it.👇 Recipe of desi chai

10 herbal tea for weight loss 

Turmeric tea 

This turmeric tea helps in digestion, reduces body fat in healthy way, and improve Bowl movement.
● Take a pan and add 1 cup water in it and  ●  just after a boil add:
● 1/5 tsp haldi powder (turmeric), 
● 1/5 tsp cinnamon powder (dalchini), 
● a pinch of black pepper powder (kali mirchi powder)
● Let the tea boil 

Ginger tea 

Ginger reduces your hunger so help in weight loss
● Add 1 cup water in a pan then add:
● 1/2 crushed ginger 
● let it boil for 5 minutes in low flame
● Squeeze half lemon 
● you can add honey too. 
● switch off the flame and enjoy.

Cinnamon tea 

Cinnamon (Dalchini) has some natural properties that help you to reduce weight as increases metabolism and reduces body fat so help in weight loss.

● Add one cup of water in a pan and boil it.
● Cinnamon (dalchini) stick - 2 Inch 
● Boil it for 5 minutes on low flame 
● Add honey to it

Black tea

Black tea provides you energy, reduces body fat and the it's antioxidant burns extra fat helps in Weight loss

● Add 1 cup of water in a pan then add: 
● 1/2 tsp Chai Patti 
● 1/2 crushed ginger (adarak)
● 8-9 black pepper (kali mirch)
● 2 green cardamom (elaichi)
● Let it boil for 3-4 minutes.
● Add lemon/ honey 

Black coffee

Black coffee has an antioxidant called Chlorogenic acid that controls our weight gain and coffee has caffeine that controls our hunger and increases your metabolism.

● Add 1 cup of water in a pan
● 1 inch of cinnamon (dalchini)
● 1 tsp of coffee powder
● Let it boil 

Jeera water 

● 1 glass of water
● 1 tsp of jeera (cumin seeds)
● Soak it for a night or 4-5 hours 
● Next day boil this water
● Switch off the flame and enjoy

Hot Chocolate milk for weight loss

Hot Chocolate milk will definitely help you to replace addictive Chai and coffee.

● Boil the milk 
● add half Tsp of natural Coco powder 

Desi Chai weight loss diet plan 

● Morning Drink 8:00

Any herbal tea that I shared above 👆

● Breakfast 11:00

1 small bowl of Milk oats with some fruits on top of it.

● Lunch 2:00

Bowl of Dal with roti and salad.

● Evening snacks 5:00

Desi Chai with handful of black chana 

● Lunch 7:00

Tomato soup/ vegetable soup/ roti with sabji

● Night drink (optional) 

Any Herbal tea

More Content from weight loss 

Desi Chai recipe for weight loss || milk chai 

● Add two cup of water 
● chai Patti
● half Tsp sauf (fennel seeds)
● Kali mirch (black pepper)
● crushed dalchini (cinnamon)
● elaichi (cardamom)
● laung (cloves)
● fresh adarak
● Add 1 tsp jeggery in the last 
● Boil the tea for 5 minutes 
● Add 1 cup of milk

Advantages of Desi Chai 

● Chai is rich in antioxidants

● Reduces risk of type 2 diabities and heart attack

● Tea is rich in EGCG, 
Where EGCG is a type of phenol that has the property to shrink fat cells that's it helps in weight loss. 

Avoid taking unhealthy snacks with chai what can you take is 👇 This 

FAQs|| can I drink chai in weight loss journey 

Q. Any Healthy tasty snack to eat with coffee?

A. Take dark chocolate with coffee instead of unhealthy snacks.

Q. What is the worst time to consume chai?

A. Never consume your desi chai in the morning and after your meal. 

Q.What is the best time to consume chai?

A. best time to consume chai is 2-3 hours after breakfast or lunch.
Or drink chai in morning but after waking up.

Q. Why adding milk in chai is good? 

A. The reason behind it is Chai is drying and heating properties and in ayurveda chai is mentioned as a medicine but consuming chai daily can cause hair fall so that's why we Indians add milk in chai because of it's cooling properties.

Q. What if I drink chai just after meal?

A. Drinking chai just after meal can make problem in the absorption of nutrients and make your body deficient in mineral.

Q. Is chai a satvic or rajasic or tamasic food? 

A. Chai is rajasic food because of its addictive nature.

Q. How much desi chai we need to drink in a day? 

Don't drink chai more than two cups for weight loss.

Q. Why you don't need to drink chai in morning?

A. Morning is the worst time to consume chai because in night out brain and body dehydrated and then drinking chai sucks up and make us lethargic (make us feel dehydrated) and thin is the worst thing for our body.

Q. Green coffee vs regular coffee which one is best for weight loss?

A. Well, there is a little difference between green coffee and regular coffee that is green coffee beans are not roasted so green coffee beans high amount of Chlorogenic acid which is known to have health benefits.
But don't consume it too much.

Q. In which health problems should I consume chai or coffee

A. ● fever 
     ● runny nose 
     ● extreme oily skin
     ● sinus 
     ● cold and cough

You can consume Arjun tea suggested by ayurveda for weight loss and better health 👇

You can make it just like chai (tea) 


It controls the blood sugar 
Alkaline in nature
Best tonic for heart 

The incredible thing is that it has so side effects. 
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Q. Can coffee reduces the risk of cancer 

A. Yes, not only cancer but also type 2 diabities, Alzheimer's diseases and Parkinson's disease. 

Q. Is desi chai good or bad for weight loss 

A. Well Desi Chai of India is good for weight loss but only if consume in small quantity.

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