Weight loss journey of youtubers ranveer allabadia, komal Pandey, deeksha khurana part 2

Weight loss journey of youtubers with some facts part 2 

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3). Deeksha khurana easiest weight loss journey 

During the pandemic at 2020 where deeksha was not satisfied with herself she use to get aggression then she ordered punching bag from Amazon where she use to do 100 punches or more than that with 15 minutes of break with that she take up another level as she was also doing exercise with that.
Not only workout deeksha Khurrana also did a change in her diet as 80% is of diet and 20% is of exercise.
Because of the pendamic deeksha couldn't eat anything from outside and that was the little advantage for her not only she was eating healthy but also she was started doing intermittent fasting, deeksha did also intermittent during 2nd year in college where she was doing it in a wrong as she drinks tea with biscuits by thinking that it wouldn't include in a fasting period but actually it does, but later deeksha searched about it and started following it and stay tuned for intermittent fasting article of mine.
Deeksha quit sugar and tea but she take a cup of coffee with four spoons of milk in it.
With that if you have any kind of deficiency in your body then do make sure to take nutrients according to it.
And the most important thing in every diet is to drink water whenever you feel thirsty as it makes you fullfill and get away from hunger.
Deeksha khurana eat ghar ka khana for her first meal that is lunch from home whatever her moms makes to her then she eats fruits then green tea to digest everything then the last meal she takes again ghar ka khana that is dinner from home but she don't use to eat sugar after that she don't eat anything as she was following intermittent fasting.
Because of the whole diet she ended up loosing 20 kgs and that was good amount.

Deeksha khurana also maintains her weight even now as if she eat anything from outside, she maintains it with the time.

2). Komal Pandey weight loss journey without Gym, dieting 

Komal Pandey told that when she was child she was so thin so her parents took her to doctor.
Then after she shifted to delhi she gained so much of weight where komal told that her mom's friends use to judge her for her weight when she was just 14  year old.

Komal Pandey didn't even joined gym nor dieting so how did she loose so much of weight so here komal Pandey told that she when she came to collage she was using transport from metro to auto or cantine because of that she loose some kgs.
But after getting into a relationship at 19 for 3 years and because of the stress of the break down of relationship komal was loosing weight from 50 to 39 kgs and that was under weight after some time komal got out of the relationship and was doing her own stuffs of fashion blogging due to which komal started eating again.
After the collage komal Pandey started to follow her routine in which she use to wake up on time having breakfast on time and the most important thing is to eat dinner at time and that is till 7 pm and then sleeping on time, she also avoid junk food these things made Komal Pandey's weight maintained till now.
Komal also told about her strech marks that they are the part of our body and we don't need to feel shy having them.
Komal Pandey don't follow the diet when she use to travel then after came back home she maintains her weight as weight loss is so easy but it is us who made it difficult.

1). Ranveer allahabadia weight loss journey easy tips and tricks

1). Ranveer allabadia who has been a trainer itself who first suggest to skip sugar where sugar means not only Sugar but also maida and butter those are bad fat as when you skip these things you diet starts and this is just a small change.

Even you can eat sugar 1 to 2 spoons only but don't eat pastries and all as don't bring cakes or pastries just bring fruits and vegetables instead of that and there is big no for cold drinks. 

2). You can eat any protein source instead of sugar that is egg, chicken, dal, paneer, soya chunks you can eat any of these things as this helps you full fill.

3). So there are some don'ts too that is to skip or reduce outside food like restaurant, cafes and package foods as these all things are included to bad fat and if you reduce them from your diet you eat less calories and that's how you'll loose weight. 

4). For workout it is not compulsory to join Gym just one thing you need to do that is to make yourself active for that just do any 10 min exercise or jogging as you can also do non exercise activities by doing home work or swimming or walking by doing all this you'll loose calories.  

5). In our dieting intermittent fasting plays good role as if automatically reduce our fat percentage as it's on you if you wanted to eat between 8 hours or doing fasting for 16 hours, 7 hours of eating. 

6). Ayurveda diet - in ayurvedic diet banana plays important role in it as if you eat banana with empty stomach where ranveer allabadia eat banana at 2 pm for his first meal then at 2:30 he eat plant Protein Shake then after 1.3 hours at 4:00 he eats watermelon in summer you can eat any fruit because according to Ayurveda you need to eat any fruit half an hour before dinner so that it digest it well it also increases adsorption of food then at 4:30 to 5:00 ranveer eats brown rice khichdi with that he eats 1 cup of channa or rajma, or hari moongdal after soaking them in water.
After two hours of it at 7 ranveer eat small amount of musk melon then ranveer do workout at 7:30 till 8:15 then at 8:30 ranveer eats food with plant Protein Shake that can be substituted with paneer or egg whites and then finally at 10:00 ranveer have its last meal that is sabji and soaked nuts or kaaju,pista, akhrot, raisins.

As sadh guru also says to try keeping as much Raw food possible in your diet and the advantage of this is that your requirement of sleep decreases. 

Ranveer allabadia avoid roti or eat it less during weight loss because of the gluten but it not mean that roti is bad for our weight loss diet but it's ranveer whose body don't suits, because ranveer use to follow different yoga practice where roti is not included as he feel energetic. 

There is a common thing in diet of three of them and that is to eat small peace and chew it for almost 32 times just make it your lifetime habit as it will not only loose weight but also help to maintain your weight through the life. 

Stay tuned for article on weight loss through intermittent fasting:) 

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