Loose 10 to 20 kgs by intermittent fasting|| permanent weight loss

Weight loss of 10 to 20 kgs by intermittent fasting || permanent weight loss 

Now a days intermittent fasting is becoming so famous as everybody started following it for their better health but what actually intermittent fasting is?

What Is intermittent fasting ? || Fasting times and diet plan 

Intermittent fasting has eating and fasting windows where in half of the time we use to eat our meal and the rest of the time is of fasting where fasting doesn't mean to starve yourself but it is a healthy process. 
Where in fasting period you can't eat anything but you can drink water or coffee without sugar that is black coffee or green tea. 

Intermittent fasting is not only good for weight loss but also good for heart, prevent cancer, anti aging as it also prevents type 2 diabetes.

How can you loose permanent weight by intermittent fasting So These 👇 three plans can be followed by any diet plan but the diet needs to be healthy so that you can loose weight.
Did you know intermittent fasting is the easiest way to loose weight as it even helped me many times to loose weight, and if you follow intermittent fasting throughout your life then it may leds to permanent weight maintained and you'll never gain Weight but for that you also need to take little more care about your diet.

3 plans for intermittent fasting.... with diet plan 

Where eating and fasting Time for intermittent fasting could be.....
1). 10 hours of eating and 14 hours of fasting, 
2). 8 hours of eating and 16 hours of fasting.

3). 6 hours of eating and 18 hours of fasting.

1). Diet plan for 14/10 fasting period of intermittent fasting to loose weight 

14/10 means 14 hours of fasting and 10 hours of eating where you can eat anything in between 10 hour but then you can't eat anything in 14 hour of window except black coffee and green tea and water. 

Let's see this diet plan followed by ranveer allabhadia 

First meal at 2 pm and last meal at 10 pm let's start.....

Drink green tea/ black coffee/Black tea but without sugar and start your day as these drinks makes you fullfill where green tea Plays best role among them as is has less caffeine so less addictive.

At 2 pm your first meal would be mixed fruit you can also take vegetables instead of that.

You can make weight loss breakfast by reading my article 👇 

Now it's time for your 2nd meal that is serving of carbohydrates where you can have chicken, eggs and for nutrition eat dal and get fibre from some vaggies.
 You can change any thing from the plate accordingly to your preference as you can also take paneer, soya chunks, eggs, oats etc.

Take 3rd meal after two hours of 2nd meal and this third meal is pre workout meal you can take at 4-5 pm that is omlet/upma and two whole wheat toast, and the calories it caries 320 calories.
After taking pre workout meal you can do workout by doing exercise, fast walking or go to Gym.
After workout you can drink any protein shake that suits for you or you can also eat banana.

For Post workout you can have chicken, khera, carrot, some raw veggies.

The last meal that is at 10 pm as have it if you have hunger as it is completely optional  where you can have some handful of makhana/ ground nuts or almonds, etc.

2). Diet plan for 16/8 hour window of 1000 calories 

At 8 am eating window starts where, just after breaking your fast you need to eat something that is healthy and thats the most important fact of intermittent fasting as if you eat sugar just after fasting then your blood sugar levels and insulin levels will spike so High instantly and because of that you'll feel more hunger and then you do overeating. 
So to breaking your fast you can eat apple or any fruit then at 1:00 pm you can have your first meal that is 100 grams of mix salid, 150 grams of Gobi and mutter ki sabji with two multigrain roti and chas, this whole meal has 360 calories, and remember to not to major your food either you'll take more stress just enjoy the new concept of intermittent fasting.

After two hours you can have any healthy snacks.

Then at 7pm you can have chole ki sabji with quinoa this meal is protein rich.

Now after eating window you can take water but don't break you fast till 8 am.

3). Diet plan of 18/6 window for intermittent fasting 

Follow this diet plan of 6 hours of eating accordingly because it can may effect until you don't have a habit to do fast for 8 hours.

Your first meal at 2 pm and last meal till 8pm.

At 2 you can have dry fruits to break the fast then just after that eat lunch in which include a Bowl full of dal with sabji and salid and roti. 
Eat everything slowly without watching TV and YouTube.
Then after 1 hour drink water slowly then after 1 hour of it eat snacks that could be hand full of makhana, chana, almonds, dry fruits you can also have oats with milk and banana in a bowl. 
At 7:30 eat your last meal that is 2 roti with paneer and some vaggies. 

Again I'm saying follow this 18/6 window of diet only if you can either you'll feel weakness.  

You'll loose 10 to 20 kgs of weight but every body functions different so you can loose 

Keep hydrating your body on Time by drinking water in right way 👇

These three diet plans are too different you can follow any one with any time period of fasting but remember the fasting period In which you don't need to eat anything. 

These were the some diets followed and suggested by some nutritionist where you know your body very well just try to maintain this diet plan for 15 days or for a month then you'll realise what is good for your body and what's not then you can make your diet accordingly as your body.

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