Intermittent fasting weight loss || Bharti Singh weight loss part 3

Intermittent fasting Weight loss of Bharti, bhumi pednekar and Sonakshi sinha part 3

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3). Bhumi pednekar 65 kg weight loss journey 

Bhumi was as slim as we are but she gain 25 kgs of weight for her next movie "dum lga ke haisa" for this movie she increased her weight up to 90 kgs just by eating her favourite food.

After the movie she needs to loose weight so she tried diet like....
For breakfast bhumi pednekar take Multigrain bread with omlet this is full of carbohydrates, and just after 1 hour she goes to Gym.
In Gym bhumi 1st do 15, minutes of cardio and then she did 40 minutes weight training where cardio helps in fat loss by burning your calorie and strength training increase your muscle mass, toned your body and many more 
For post workout bhumi takes protein shake and for lunch Bhumi take two multigrain roti with sabji, dal full of bowl and 1 glass of butter milk.

For evening snaks Bhumi takes 1 apple or papaya and green tea after some time as you need to add fruit in your diet plan and green tea gives us caffeine so helpfull in fat lose and remember to don't add sugar in your and if wanted to add somthing sweet than add Stevia, Jaggery and honey instead of sugar.

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In the evening at 7pm Bhumi take 1 bowl of salid with apple cider vinegar and after that she takes grilled paneer or grilled chicken with this she takes multigrain roti or brown rice and remember to take your last meal with low carbs.
With this bhoomi don't use to eat junk food during dieting and
she drink lot of water on right time with right way You can watch my article on how to drink water in a right way and right time 👇

2). Sonakshi sinha from 95 kg to 59 kg weight loss journey

Sonakshi sinha gained weight because of junk food and she doesn't like to go to gym also she noticed so many things like her body got tired so fastly just by doing small work. 
Now the time came to loose weight for Sonakshi sinha because she got the movie "Dabangg." 
Where Salman use to say Sonakshi that she needs to play a role of lead actress in movies but Sonakshi don't use to worry about her looks and increasing weight.
Then Salman offered a film to Sonakshi that was "Dabangg" and for this film Sonakshi sinha needs to do weight loss for salman.
And this 👇 is how she loose weight so much of weight.......

In breakfast Sonakshi sinha takes milk of cereals with whole-wheat toast or sometimes she take crumbled eggs with toast and this breakfast is contains complex carbs and protein and avoiding saturated fat and in mid morning Sonakshi takes one fist of dry fruits and 10 minutes after this take green tea.
In lunch Sonakshi sinha takes two chapati mix veg and mix salid.
For evening snaks Sonakshi takes fruits as it contains fibre.
For dinner Sonakshi sinha takes half bowl of dal, mix veg and fish.
Remember to take your dinner before 8-9 pm.
Don't take too much quantity of any meal Even if it is healthy.
If you'll take your dinner before 7:00 pm then you'll loose weight fast.

2). Parineeti Chopra weight loss journey of kgs

Parineeti Chopra told that she didn't even have a proper dressing sence and she didn't care about her weight too but then she realised for her looks.

2 egg white with brown bread for and 1 glass milk without fat got protein and complex carbs from brown bread.

Then for lunch Parineeti Chopra take dal sabji and salid with multigrain roti or brown rice.

For pre workout she take Fat free yogurt with green tea as it makes your digestion strong.

For workout parineeti use to prefer physical activities because she doesn't like to go to Gym so she did dance and playing outdoor games but then she joined Gym and did marshal art and cardio and many more.

For dinner she takes soups or salid after this she take 1 glass of fat free milk and then for mid morning evening snaks parineeti takes nuts and fruits for snacks she eat less carbs 
With this she also drink lots of water and she also have her dinner two hours before sleep for better results.
With that she also avoid junk food. 

1). Bharti did 15kg weight loss without dieting, Gym then how?

As you all know bhar did huge weight loss but without dieting and Gym but is this even possible?
Yes it is possible by intermittent fasting. 
But did you know what intermittent fasting is?
Read this article 👇 

Bharti was facing many health problems when she was chubby as she had diabetes and asthma. 
So bharti eat everything Even after she loose more than 20 kgs of weight but how...... let's start bharti Singh weight loss 

Eating window of Bharti Singh was 7 hours and the fasting window was 17 hours where she don't use to eat Anything after 7:00 pm and before 12:00. 
First meal at 12:00 pm and last meal till 7 pm 
At starting she was also facing problems but after 1 week she didn't feel any problem as it became her habit.

As I told you Bharti Singh did't Compromise in her weight loss journey let's see her diet plan...

In the morning at 12 pm Bharti use to eat paratha with egg, and makkhan she was following the same breakfast as usual where this meal has protein and carbs.
This meal is so healthy but you need to eat break your fast by any fruit.
Drink water after 2 hours of meal and 1 hour before meal 
After 2-3 hour bharti use to eat any of her favourite snacks that could be kurkure, nachos also there is a healthy tip for you to eat healthy snacks that could be makhana, peanuts, chana, dry fruits etc. 
Bharti takes her last meal at 6:30 where this is the most important part of intermittent fasting to take your last meal at time and the last meal bharti use to eat is just simple dal, rice, roti. 

Because of intermittent fasting Bharti Singh almost loose 10 kgs of weight in a span of 10 months. 
So this was bharti Singh weight loss
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