Can I take paracetamol for period pain?

Can I take paracetamol for periods pain||medicines can harm us?

If you are one who feel so much stomach pain or cramps during periods or wanted to take paracetamol or any other pain killers then this article is for you.

Many people usually ask Can I take paracetamol for period pain?

Yes, you can take paracetamol or any other pain killers for period pain but that must be suggested by your doctor.

But my advice is that if you anticipate pain then start it well in advance to get more effective relief and it should be continued till the time that the patient or the female gets significant pain then after that you can stop taking drug.

Here are some suggestions of how to take paracetamol for stomach pain or when to take paracetamol and many more.....

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Why does back pain happens in periods 

Before the solution just read the reasons why back pain happens.....
It's very common to have backpain in your periods.
Back pain happens because of prostaglandins which produces in uterus and uterus contracts for having a menstrual flow.
Many women or girls suffer backpain and it is totally ok as it is the part of the cycle.
Back pain before or after your period is probably hormonal and related to your cycle.
If you are suffering back pain before or after your periods then it is probably hormonal or maybe related to your cycle.

To get relief from back pain you can take a plain paracetamol for backpain if the pain gone away in just one or two days then it is ok but if the pain exist persist one week before the periods or few days before the actual bleeding starts or persist for many days and it is not normal then taking paracetamol again and again and waiting at home is not an good option so check yourself to gynecologist as constant pain throughout your menstrual cycle could signal a bigger health problems.

Does consuming paracetamol can harm us badly?

Our country is a country of doctors where some of them are professional who achieved degree by learning 5-8 years or others are once who use to think they're doctors and suggest anything to anyone without even reserch.
You must be wondering why am I saying this as people spreaded a news that don't consume medicine that has p 500 written on it because this medicine has the most dangerous virus.

This was the news of 2017 where this news was fake that means paracetamol is totally safe for you so don't worry.
You can take paracetamol for these pain given below 👇

Period pain relief tablets in India

Inflammatory painkillers are often used to relieve period pain and many other pain.
These are some period pain relief tablets 
Ibuprofen, paracetamol, Meftal spas....

1). Ibuprofen uses, side effects, warning 

Ibuprofen is generally deemed to be more effective at easing period pain than paracetamol. It reduces pain while also relieving swelling in the body, making it ideal for cramps. It’s also possible to take both types of painkiller together- never take two types of painkillers at the same time, make sure to space them apart. It is best to take Ibuprofen with food or on a full stomach.


● One or twice maybe on first or second day      of periods

Ibuprofen Relief pain from:

● toothache
● migraine 
● period pain
● control a fever

Side effects Of Ibuprofen

● Headache
● Nausea
● Constipation
● Diarrhea
● Heart attack and strokes 
● Risk of heart disease 

2). Paracetamol uses, side effects, warning 

Medicines combining 500 mg of paracetamol plus 65 mg of caffeine are more effective for menstrual pain than paracetamol alone.

Dose of paracetamol 

      ● One or twice maybe on first or                        second day of periods 

Paracetamol Relief pain from:

● Headache 
● Migraine
● Backache
● Mild arthritis/osteoarthritis
● Toothache
● Period pain (dysmenorrhea)
● Sore throat
● Sinus pain
● Rheumatic and muscle pain
● Post-operative pain
● Colds and flu symptoms

Side effects of paracetamol 

● Problems in breathing 
● Skin rashes, itching or hives
● Liver problems 
● Swelling of the throat, tongue or face


● Do not take more than the recommended dose. 
● Always read instructions of medicine before consuming.
● Do not take more than 2-3 does in one day and don't take paracetamol more than 3 days. 

3). Meftal spas uses, side effects, warning mechanism of action: 

Meftal spas Relief pain from:

● mild to moderate pain
● menstrual cramps
● abdominal pain
● to stop heavy bleeding
●discomforting Bowel moments                        ●inflammation in stomach and muscles          ●migraine headache
● fever pain and chills
● arthritis and toothache.

Side effects of Meftal spas 

● gastrointestinal diseases.
● fever infection
● heart problems
● liver problems
● blood related problems
● asthma 

Warning and precautions 

● dehydration
● It may cause dizziness or drowsiness,          ●do not drive a car or operate machinery  while taking the medicine.
●Avoid taking Aspirin with this medicine.

● Meftal-Spas is recommended that you take this Tablet with food.

How can I cure my periods without medicines at home 

Here are three tips to cure periods

1). apply water bag 

By applying water bag in stomach or in the back for twice or thrice a day rather more than that as it helps in overcoming the pain 

2). yoga techniques

There are some asanas for period pain relief so the asanas are....

1). Supta badrasana:
 Supta badrasana helps in release the tension of lower abdomen and inner thigh.

2). Supt Vajrasana 

3). Setu bandhasana 

4). Makarasana 

5). Shavasana:
For whole body relaxation

3). Matsyasana:
It helps the pain of Lower abdomen 

4). Ustrasana:
Helps to release the congestion of the abdominal muscle.

3). herbal drink

Take a pan add water than add fennel seeds, saunf, cinnamon and Ginger, let them boil for 10 minutes then switch off the flame and drink it.

With these three tips try to avoid junk food.

when and how can I consume paracetamol?

1).  reasons to consume paracetamol 

You can consume paracetamol for many pains such as in fever for common cold, flu and painkiller for headache, migraine, muscle strain, arthrosis, lumbago, menstruation pain or for toothache. 

2). Dose to consume paracetamol 

● During pain and fever


● oral:
     ● tablet 500- 1000mg a time every 4-6                hours. 
     ● drink/ syrup: 20-40ml a time, maximum        125 ml a day

● Rectal: 
     ● 500- 1000 mg a time every 4-6 hours.


● oral: 
     ● 10-15mg/kg every 6 hours.
● Rectal;
     ● 20mg/kg every 8 hours.

3).  How to consume paracetamol

● When?

Empty stomach, more than 4 hours between doses.

● How long?

Till complains are over. If more than 5 days then check yourself to doctor.

● Safety?

Diving, alcohol, and any type of food are allowed.


Don't take any of these medicines and ask to your doctor for medicine.
This article is not for pregnant womens.

FAQ || periods pain relief 

Q. Which tablet is best for period pain?

A.   ● Paracetamol 
       ● Ibuprofen
       ● Meftal spas
       Just pick any one of them that suits you           well. 

Q. Easiest way for period pain relief

A. Just take a hot water back and put it in your stomach and back.

Q. Why I suffer from horrible period pain? 

A. Some women get very painful periods due to a condition called Endometriosis. 

Q. Why in periods I feel pain from my private part to my thighs? 

A. Just go and check to your doctor immediately, the pain that you are describing would maybe infection or if anything else than doctor will recommend some medicines to you.

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