7 day diet plan for weight loss || lose 4 kgs in a week

7 day diet plan for weight loss|| lose 4 kgs in a week 

Don't stick to a complicated plan to lose weight you need to have a fun diet and your mind set to lose weight should like a task then only you can lose weight happily.
So in Next three diet plan you'll get to see home cooked food diet that is easily available at home. 

The second thing is to eat less calories than usual then maintain those calories in your weight loss plan and don't measure your food calories everyday instead of that you can decide your plate size for eating a right amount. 

And remember to avoid sugar, maida and junk food from your diet just for 1 week then you'll easily see difference.
Eat simple carbohydrates and add paneer in your diet.

So these three are weight loss plan for 7 days...

choose any one of the diet plan from these three..... don't follow three of them together....

1). Weight loss meal plan || idlis dosa, sandwitch 

Let's start your day by drinking a glass of chia drink for that you need to soak Seeds in water or ACV- lemon + water or instead of this you can also take CCF tea for this tea you need to add jeera+ dhaniya + saunf chai as you can drink this tea whole day.

For breakfast you need to eat something which is rich in protein 

Breakfast for 7 days

Monday - if you are tea person than drink your tea with upma.

Tuesday - Eat 1 cup of veg Dalia (lapsi)

Wednesday - 1 cup of veg semiya pulao with vegetables

Thursday - 2 idlis or dosa with sambar/chatney 

Friday - eat whole wheat sandwich with tomato and wheat Roo or with avocado too.

And breakfast for Saturday and Sunday you can read my blog 👇

Drink water in a right way otherwise you'll never lose weight for the read my blog 👇

For lunch 
Don't skip your lunch as you can be active whole day just by eating healthy lunch and for lunch you can easily eat Indian food that is Roti with dal and salid or Moong daal khichdi or chole rajma or pulao. 
Or if want to eat rice so you can eat it but after reading this article 👇

And remember not to overeat also eat less than your hunger.

For evening snacks people used to do a mistake that they ignore eating anything but don't do this atleast eat anything in small quantity that could be hand full of makhana, puffed rice, peanuts, cucumber, roasted chana or apple or any fruit.

You can also eat protein chat by adding chopped onion, coriander, boiled chana/ sprouts, Tomato, lemon, black salt etc.

For dinner - make sure to eat dinner at right time atleast before 8 as you Weight loss depends on your last meal timings as body need 2-3 hours to digest food. 
Or of you want fast results then eat your dinner before 7:00 pm.

Do make your dinner light for that you can eat 
Monday - rice+ moongdal khichdi with any snack.

Tuesday- roti with sabji, dalia khichdi 

Wednesday - Tomato or lauki soup.

Thursday - whole wheat pasta or..........read my blog for more dinner recipes 👇

2). Weight loss plan || kathi role, oats, banana.

Start your day with Cinnamon tea ......
This metabolism drink will make you lose weight and makes your metabolism strong Where cinnamon also helps in stabilising blood sugar levels it also helps to fight various diseases.
Cinnamon tea 
Take a pan add 1 full glass of water then add 2 cineman sticks then let them boil for almost 10-15 minutes then switch off the flame and pour this drink in your glass then add Honey to it and have it in the morning and for more detox drinks read this article 👆.

You need to eat your breakfast more than dinner as you have your whole day to digest breakfast, but remember to eat light dinner.

For breakfast you can have paneer with veggies, green chatni on toast/brown bread with apple.

For lunch you can have simple home cooked meal that is roti with a full bowl of dal with salid. 
Khakra chat - for this take 1 khakra add chopped onion, tomato, coriander leaves or vaggies according to your choice and then just add spices.

For lunch you can have turmeric oats ...

Turmeric oats recipe for weight loss 

You can have this recipe in breakfast, lunch or in dinner so let's start....
Add half cup rolled oats with 1 and half cup of water then add some spices then add chopped onion + capsicum then cover it for almost 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes check your oats and lastly add half cup of grated coconut on top of it.

For evening snaks eat half banana with roasted peanuts or makhana, almonds or any fruit. 
Where groundnuts with banana gives you more energy than any other snacks.

For dinner again I'm telling you to have your dinner by 7 pm or before that as if you take your dinner at time you'll definitely see good results.
For dinner you can have tomato soup or lauki soup or 1 roti with paneer or kathi role you can read my article for dinner. 👆

Sleep by 10:00 pm atleast 11:00 pm

3). Diet plan for weight loss|| daal roti 

At 6:00 AM or 8:00 AM start your day by drinking 1 glass of water then you can have a banana 15 minutes after drinking water where Banana gives you energy and make you feel active for whole day, banana is also good for constipation and depression you can also take soaked almonds with banana after this you can do walking or jogging or any type of exercise.

Do you wanted to wake up early 👇

Between 8-9 AM do your breakfast as it need to have protein and it must be healthy as in Breakfast you can have 1 oats paratha, 1 vegetable paratha, paneer or vegetable sandwich, vegetable chilla/ moongdal chilla/ besan chilla.

A bowl of chana, moongdal, sprouts, rajma salad.
Poha, Poha and sabudana khichdi.

Take half glass of milk after breakfast without sugar (optional)

Then you can have lunch that is home made Indian lunch multigrain 1 or 2 roti with daal and sabji or brown rice and then salid or only khera before lunch and remember to eat slowly if you want fast results.

For evening you can drink green tea as green tea increase your metabolism and it has zero calories.
You can also have tea with some dry fruits or evening snaks.
Where evening snaks makes you fullfill and prevent you from overeating in dinner.

Dinner between 8-7 pm or atleast do you dinner two hours early than usual.
For dinner you can eat boiled daal + chawal, kichidi.

So these were the three diet plan to lose weight in a 7 days 

Remember to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner at a right time, only then you'll lose weight.
With this drink atleast 6-7 glass of water.

Just follow these three diet plan for weight loss just for 7 days... Then you will lose 3kg in a week after that you'll get motivation and definitely you'll continue doing that.

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