3 easiest tips and tricks to wake up early in the morning

3 tricks and tips to wake up early in the morning

So how to wake up early in the morning even after alarm can't wake you up.

you often listened that If you wake up early then you'll definitely success in your life and there are so many examples of it one of them is Narendra modi who slept at 12 am and Wake up at 3am he only takes 3 hours of sleep and then he takes god's name and pray for half an hour then he use to do exercise from 3:30 AM to 5:30 AM for healthy life and to protect our nation.
With this Akshay Kumar who also use to wake up at 4 to 4:30 AM in the morning, like this if you wanted to get success then getting up early is necessary even according to Ayurveda waking up early is too effective.

In the morning powerful and creative thoughts comes to you and if you didn't 
So these are the benefits to wake up early but how?
Just 1.5 hours before sunrise it is the time of brahma muhurat, in this time your focus, mental health, concentration and mental clarity is the highest not only this but This satvik guna is at the peak and by the time in the afternoon your rajasik guna tends to increase then the Tamsik guna start by sunset.
So don't waste this precious time of bharam muhurat by sleeping.

So here are tips to wake up early.....

3). Set alarm at night to wake up early! 

What time of alarm do I set to wake up early 4:30 AM or 5:00 AM, don't put alarm in AM instead of that put alarm of 9 PM Because you don't need to prepare to wakeup but to sleep at right time in the night then automatically you wake up early.
Just make it your habit to sleep at 9 PM.

But many people don't get sleep at night 9 PM, but how would we get sleep when we have mobile phones, TV shows, Netflix and all these high stimulate activities, so just stay away from them as they divert our brain and senses.

High stimulate activities are to work in laptop, to scroll in social media, to watch Netflix and TV shows as a light comes from the screen that prevent your brain from secreting melatonin, where melatonin is a sleep promoting hormone and naturally with the time of darkness your brain produces melatonin to make you sleep but if you don't want yourself to sleep by watching social media then brain will not produce melatonin means body did't get the signal to sleep so it results to waking up late.
So just set the alarm of 9 PM right away and when it will ring then leave whatever you are doing and just go to bed and sleep.

2). How to get deep and fast sleep for night 

So everybody need to charge their body but if you can't charge it fully then it effects the whole day.
While you are sleeping your skin regenerate  where you old skin cells replaces to new skin cells so to look young the whole life you need to sleep deep but how to get deep sleep.....

1). Switch off all the lights Because if any gadget is 'on' then our brain got the signal of "not to sleep" also do close your curtains and make your room dark before sleep if it is not possible then do wear eye mask.

2). With that avoid any kind of devices while going to sleep.

If you watch Netflix, TV soaps, dramas, work on laptop, social media all these before sleep, by watching all this your body get the sleep but your mind don't so for Deep sleep you need to get away your phone one hour before bed.
You can upgrade your skills and do many other things instead of any devices.

3). Take hot foot bath before sleep for deep sleep because we have 7000 nerve endings so if you put your foot in hot water Then your whole nervous system got relaxed.
For that just take a bucket of hot water according to you preference then dip your feet for almost 15 minutes wipe your feet and sleep.

Also do take 2-3 hour gap between dinner and sleep.

1). Strong reason to wake up early in the morning! 

You need to have any stong reason to wake up early, if you don't have the reason then you cannot wakeup. 
Usually, if we prepare our mind in the night to wake up early As it registered in our subconscious mind and you mind wakes up automatically.
Make a type of routine that became a strong reason to wake up in the morning, after that it will became you habit already.
The three routines are....

1). Meditation 

When we talk about meditation, it is not only to sit in a perticular position and meditate but whatever makes you feel better or gives you peace then it comes in meditation either you can write something, spiritual study or to pray anything related to spirituality.

2). Any movement
Whether it would be walking, exercise, jumping, dancing, swimming or any sports.

3). Motivation
You can read any book for motivation or to sharpen your mind, you can also learn any new skills.

As during 5 am in the morning there is 0 distraction hour, because there is no one who wanted to disturb you at that time nor any notification nothing.
And that's why the successful people got the success by waking up early because they didn't waste those golden hours just by sleeping.

And remember to do all these activities in a different places so that you couldn't slept again at your bed.

Also do put your alarm away from your bed so that in the morning you have get out from you bed to off the alarm but don't go to your bed again.

Just try all the 3 tips, it works for me even now and it will work for you too.

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