10 Dinner recipes to lose 20 -30 kgs

10 Dinner recipes to lose 20 - 30 kg of weight 

The most powerful tip for weight loss it to eat right dinner, in right way, at right time.

If you follow this one and only habit it is my guarantee that you'll lose weight easily.
What you need to do is to eat dinner before 7pm or 7:30 pm as this also includes in intermittent fasting the fasting that is getting popular you can lose 10-20 kg weight easily through intermittent fasting.
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Let's start your dinner recipes for weight loss .....

10). Soya kathi role 

So to make soya kathi role take a pan add oil or ghee into it then add jeera, garlic, green chillis, tomato and onion.
Let it cook then add soaked soya granules (just soak soya granules for 5 minutes)
As soya is the best source of protein must add it in your diet.
Then add less spices according to your choice. 

Now take a roti use multigrain roti for better result then spread homemade green chatni on it then put the stuffing of soya then add chopped onion, coriander leaves, chat masala and lemon on top of it.
And finally role it and our kathi role is ready eat it slowly- slowly.

You can eat this role in breakfast or lunch or in dinner too.

9). Radish ki sabji for weight loss 

Take a pan add oil/ ghee add mustard seed, cumin seeds, pinch of hing, turmeric.
Then add radish leaves (muli ke patte) as it is so much effective also if you have digestive issues or constipation then raddish leaves are so effective as it contains fibre.
Add this if you have high cholesterol in your diet and for weight loss it is best.
Now add 1bowl of raddish in the pan of radish leaves add a pinch of salt and cover it and let it be cook for 10- 15 minutes.
your sabji is finally ready serve it and add coriander leaves on top of it.
You can eat this 'radish ki sabji' with roti or without roti.

8). Dry fruit milk 

In an blender add seedless dates, soaked almonds, 5-6 raisins, 3-4 strands of saffron (kesar), crushed cardamen then blend it very well and put the milk in a glass and garnish almonds on top of it and take a half cup of milk.
Have it after dinner.

7). Gobi sabji 

Add a oil to a pan add cumin seeds, coriander powder, red chilli powder, ginger, turmeric, green chilli and then cauliflower (gobi), peas, chopped tomato, Salt you can add spices according to you.
Cover the pan for 5-10 minutes then finally your Gobi sabji is ready.
You can eat it with roti or without roti.

6). Masala khichdi 

Add a spoon of oil in a cooker you can also use ghee instead of that, now add some add some cumin seeds, teez patta, dal chini, pinch of hing, chopped ginger, onion, green chilli, then cook it for some time add veggies like tamato, capsicum, carrot and also you can add vaggies according to your preference then add salt and some spices.

Now add a bowl of dal and 1 bowl of rice and then add twice a cup of water into it then mix it and let it cook till 2 vessels then open it and serve it.

5). Healthy Chilli vaggie 

For this put garlic butter then add some fresh garlic to it, ginger, green and red chilli, onion then mix it for a minute then add beans, capsicum, broccoli and remember to chopped them in big peaces then cook it until it cooked very well and finally add paneer, corn and some spices, cover it and cook it for 5-6 minutes.
Switch off the flame and add 1 Tbps of soya sos and vinegar and less amount of honey mix it very well and add sesme seeds in the last as a topping.
As this dish has few calories and it is healthy.

4). Sambar khichdi

Add 5-6 water to cooker add small bowl of rice and half small bowl of arhar dal then add carrot, beans  cauliflower capsicum add vaggies according to you also do add salt, hing and turmeric into it then mix it very well and close the cooker until 3-4 vessels your khichdi is ready.

And for spices (tadka) take a pan add oil into it add mustard seed, curry leaves, red chilli, Ginger, onion, green chilli add tomato then put imlie ka ras then finally add sambhar masala mix it well.

Put you khichdi in this sambhar masala add water according to consistency, mix it and have it.

3). Hara bhara kabab 

Put oil in a pan add cumin seeds, garlic, green chilli then add palak puree cook it until it loose stickiness and spread it in a plate.
Add 4 spoon of besan cook it slowly until it leaves a smell, colour would also getting changed, when besin got ready then put it on top of the paste of palak and add paneer with some paneer and salt on it or you can also add anymore think on it after that make a dough of it and make 4-5 kababs of it and then add oil in a pan add shallow fry these kababs as you need to fry them from outside only because the inner filling is already cooked.
After that serve it in a plate with green chatni.

1). The famous oats lauki chila to lose 10-20 kg 

Add half cup of oats and here I'm using quaker oats add some water and soak it for 10- 15 minutes, let them soak.

Take a bottle gourd that is lauki then piece it for 1/4th then peel it then do grating of it now add some green chilli, red chilli, add 7,8 shallots in the grated paste as it is good source of iron and folate, you can also use onion, add chopped coriander leaves, add grated ginger then add spices according to your choice and don't forget to add Salt in it.

Now add soaked oats remove water then and mix it to the Bowl mix it properly to make a batter of it you can also put this batter for two days or use it.
Now to make chila let's take a tawa then add oil to it and put the half of batter on the tawa and start spreading it properly and then cover it and cook it for few minutes then flip it properly and add oil to it and make another one of the leftover batter or you can use it later.
Serve it with green chatni and enjoy it. 

This oats chila is Full of fibre and best option for weight loss.

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