10 right ways to drink water with detox water! Part 1

Why Eat water? Right water intake for weight loose! Part 1 

Water has 0 calories. 
If you drink water in a wrong way then it causes diseases like migraine, allergies, hair fall, kidney or heart problems, indigestion and arthritis. 
If you drink too much water but in a wrong way then you'll Gain weight because you are drinking water in a wrong way.

Also know about 4 detox homemade drinks for weight loose in the end 👇

Here are 10 right ways to drink water

5). basic rule to drink water

Don't drink water, eat water means to squeeze sip of water then drink it because of this saliva develops and then it mix with water as our Saliva is alkaline in nature so Saliva is needed to digest food and also the liquids.
And it is the most effective and important way to drink water.

4). Why not to drink too high or too cold water?

You can drink water at room temperature but not too high and too cold because too cold and too hot water is like mini shocks for body because body needs to do two times hardwork, 1st to convert water into room temperature then to send it to the whole body.

Normal water - Water passes from stomach to small intestine with in 20 minutes.

Hot water - water passes from stomach to small intestine with in 7 to 10 minutes.

Chilled water - your blood vessels body has to waste so much energy to first convert cold water into Normal and then it passes from stomach to small intestine.

where chilled water shrinks, aggravates joint pains. 
It is mentioned in ayurvedic that chilled water makes your stomach weak and that make your digestive system weak and cause many diseases.

Or In too much Summer if you wanted to drink cold water then the best way to drink water From earthen pots (mitti ka matka).
Or in winter you can drink warm water but not hot or too much hot.

3). Can we drink water with meal?

In our stomach there is a digestive fire that digest food but if we drink water just after or with meal then the fire extinguish so the food don't get digest so food got fester (sadna) and it cause gas, acidity and gluten.
So remember drink water before and after one hour of meal or you can take some sips during meal if needed or you can drink any other liquid rather than water.
In ayurvedic drinking too much water with meal is as bad as poison. 
Because of this weight gain happens. 
When to drink water whenever you wanted to drink cold drinks or anything then drink water and the best time to drink water is in the morning before brush. 
And if you wanted to drink charged water then leave water overnight in material of tambe then drink it in the morning so this for 3 months because of this it slows down agening.
Don't drink too much water just after workout as it can give disadvantage. 
Drink milk at night instead of water as protein of milk gives energy to body and milk has amino acid called Tryptophan it keeps you to sleep better.
don't drink water just after fruits as it cause cold, slows digestive system also don't drink water just after a hot liquid like tea, coffee, soup. 

2). Can't we drink water in bottle water?

No, Don't drink water in bottle water
If you wanted to drink with water bottle then use steel, glass or clay bottle but don't drink water in plastic bottles because let's imagine how much time it takes for a plastic bottle to came out from factory as it is not fresh water and microplastics leach into our water so we are drinking microplastics with water.
So don't drink water in plastic water bottles.

The question was don't drink water in bottle water because 1st you need to drink water in sitting position Because in standing position our kidney cannot filter water in a right way it also unbalances our fluid balance because of that that arthritis water passes down very fast from our body so it doesn't get mix with other digestive juices and also our body cannot absorb it. 
So just sit and relax your body then drink water slowly.

1). Why Don't drink 5 liter of water in a day??

So don't drink 8, 4, 2 liter of water instead drink water according to your need because every human body is different so drink water only when thirsty.
Even people use to say that the much water you drink the more effect you'll get. 
And there are so many theories that a person should drink 5 or 8 liter of water 
Also there's a common test to observe how much water we need to drink where if your urine's colour comes dark yellow then you body is severely dehydrated or if urine come light yellow means your body is getting enough water so on average you need to drink 1-3 litres of water throughout the day.

You also identify water intake from symptoms of dehydration......
1). Parched lips
2). Very dry skin
3). Lack of energy
4). Rapid breathing 

Excess water in your body can cause hyponatremia that is low sodium in you blood as if affects your liver or kidney and many diseases. 
There are so many forms of water in jucis, fruits and vegetables are the purest form of water storage that are full from nutrition and directly filtered from nature.

So it is clear that drink water if you are thirsty. 

Three simple detox water for weight loose 

From 12 to 1 ....

12). Carom seed detox drink 

 Take 1 litre of water then add 1 spoon cumin (jeera), 1/2 carom seed (ajwain) and then Cover the water for a night and drink it in the morning.

11). Allspice infusion

 2cups of water add Cinnamon, 1 cloves, Ginger, a pinch of turmeric and a pinch of black pepper, honey, curry leaves, 2 tulsi leaves,1 table spoon of cardamom powder and lemon.
Mix every ingredient overnight except Lemon, honey and turmeric add these three in the morning.
This drink is High in nutrition, anti-inflammatory, and maintain our internal balance and it is so effective for weight loose, etc.

10). Aloe Vera juice 

1 cup of water two table spoon of aloe vera jell , two table spoon of lemon juice and pinch of pepper and mix them very well and store this for 2 days then drink it as aloe vera works in prevention of dehydration.
And it removes the toxins naturally.

9). fennel detox drink 

Take 2 glass of water add two table spoon of fennel (saunf) where fennel use to flushing the toxins in our body also it balance hormones of our body then add 3,4 small Cardamom (choti elaichi) where it has the power to control or regulate redicle and the last ingredient is 1 clove where it proper the circulates of our body as it clear the passage of our blood flow and finally boiled it for 7 minutes and then add honey just before drinking it. 

So these detox drinks make your skin more glowing and detox your whole body also all these juices helps you for weight loose.

8). Lemon squeeze fat cutter drink 

In part 2 👇 

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